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The Best of 2020

Sexiest Airbnb Alive, 2020

While much of this year was spent at home, the times we were able to get out revealed some gems in the world of West Coast Airbnb's. Out of all the adventures, these are my faves from 2020.

picture via Airbnb


This Airbnb stay technically spanned two years. For New Years 2019, we drove up to Ashland, Oregon and celebrated the beginning of 2020 in this cozy spot.

Why it's a winner:

Though this is one of the less flashy of the Airbnb's, it was the one that felt the most like home. There was a very good vibe to this whole place, and I would gladly spend a whole week on that enclosed porch. Plus, the nearby adventures (Crater Lake!) are pretty incredible.

It also doesn't hurt that this trip took place during the Before Times, when things were still simple and what time to check out of the Airbnb was our biggest worry.


Dumbest complaints in reviews section (a new segment):

  • "The lake was dry which wasn't reflected in the pictures." Comment left after two months of devastating fires and drought in the area.

  • "Hard to navigate at night." Yes, the dark often makes it hard to see.

*there are some questionable reviews as of late. I can't speak to anyone else's experience, but we had zero issues with cleanliness, communication, and satisfaction. It is an older house so cobwebs are to be expected. Despite a few people having misgivings here and there, I would still definitely recommend this spot!


This 1 bed cabin located in Three Rivers, CA was a 30th birthday trip and served as a jumping off point for Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks.

Why it's a winner:

Private swimming holes, acres of private land, hikes on the property, proximity to parks, A/C in the 100 degree heat. Everything about this stay is 10/10, including the incredibly underrated nearby parks!


More of 2020

There were truly no bad stays in 2020. To see more of the Airbnb's featured this year, read the blog, follow me on IG @sexyairbnbz, and subscribe to the monthly newsletter.

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