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Sequoia's Ranch

This rustic home on a massive ranch in Santa Margarita, California is home to one of the best dogs I've ever met in my life. Sequoia is a beautiful border collie, and though Jordan, our host, claims to be the owner and operator of the ranch, it was clear that Sequoia was the real one in charge. She showed us around the property that included donkeys, another dog, some horses, and some unreal 360 views.

Airbnb rating: I don't know because the listing is gone :(

My rating: 2000000.14

When I went back to the listing I was very sad to find that it was no longer active. I am PRAYING this is temporary and perhaps because of Covid-19, and that someday soon it will be back in action.

Quick Facts:

  • Location: Santa Margarita, CA (San Luis Obispo County) - about 15 min from SLO and 1 hour from Pismo Beach

  • Cost: $644 total for 5 guests and 2 nights

  • Month & average temp: January, temps average around 63 Fahrenheit

  • Do you get to pet the animals?: YES

What else we did:

  • Strolled through Pismo Beach, bought a vintage sweater, drank midday bloody mary's

  • Had brunch in San Luis Obispo

  • Drove Highway 1 back up the coast through Big Sur, including stopping to see some sea lions. I'm sparing you those photos because otherwise this post would just be a slideshow of 50 different Bixby Bridge pics.

If I had to complain about one thing it would be:

  • They didn't let me take the dog home with me.

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