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Off-Grid Utah Tiny House

A tiny house community in a secluded canyon (with air conditioning!)

Last week, my partner and I took a road trip from Alameda, CA to Hurricane, Utah to explore the Southwest and escape the wildfires and smoky skies. It was a much easier drive there & back than anticipated - check out the full itinerary at the end of this post.

Airbnb Rating: 4.85

My Rating: 499,999 (would've been 500 thousand even but we had an eensy bit of generator trouble)


Quick Facts:

  • Location - Outside of Hurricane, Utah, down a long dirt road in a secluded canyon. It was about 20 minutes to the nearest town and 10 minutes to the nearest actual road, which was the perfect amount of off-grid for the first night of our trip.

  • 40 minutes to Zion National Park (cool fact even though we didn't go) (yes I've been relax).

  • On 40 acres of private land among 6-7 other tiny homes scattered throughout the area.

  • The outside: A grill and fire pit (although there was a fire ban), Adirondack chairs for sunset viewing, and lots of cows for mooing at from afar.

  • The inside: full kitchen, french press, stove, pots & pans, pull-out mini dining table, a couple stools, and a bench. Two lofted beds - one with a queen sized very cozy mattress and the other with a twin air mattress. There's also a clean and updated bathroom with a compost toilet and shower. They recommend you take quick showers of about 5-8 minutes each to conserve the water.

  • Runs mostly on solar power! Originally I had written out our struggles with the generator and A/C but it was long and boring, so just know this: if you don't need air conditioning, everything else runs on solar and water. You only need the generator for A/C. It DOES get really hot inside (in September) even once it's cooled down outside, but I wouldn't attempt the generator unless you have cell service and can reach the manager if there's an issue. Otherwise you could end up with no power or water or anything if you mess up which would be unfun. If you don't have cell service and go in the hotter months, you'll just have to either be super careful when attempting the generator or bring a fan.

  • If you do turn on the A/C, the generator is only good for about 6-8 hours until you have to switch it off, so make sure you do it in small doses. The tiny house cools down within about an hour so you should be fine.

  • It's absolutely amazing and adorable and you should just book it.

What we did other than watch the sunset and take 1,000 photos:

  • At the tiny house - drank beers at sunset, ate pasta outside, took pictures with our new fancy camera of the stars (and sort of succeeded! see below), took nice cool showers, and slept like bebes.

  • In Utah - literally one bajillion things that will have to be saved for an entirely separate post. Itinerary from this trip (in brief) at the bottom of this post.

If I had to complain about one thing it would be:

  • I'm going complaint-less on this one. If you don't like being dirty or dusty or driving on dirt roads, then this isn't for you (it is totally doable with 2WD though). For everyone else - go book it! There are several tiny homes by the same owner on this land, and based on my research the one we stayed in (the June Bug Tiny Home) was one of the best.

These tiny homes have their own website! Visit Zion's Tiny Homes for more info.

Alameda/Oakland to Utah itinerary in brief:


  • leave at 6 PM. Drive to Bakersfield, CA (about 4 hours) and stay here for the night.


  • leave Bakersfield at 8 AM (stop at Cafe Smitten for nutella banana toast).

  • drive to Hurricane, Utah (about 6.5 hours) with fun lil' stops on the way (more on that later).

  • stay at tiny house.


  • leave tiny house at 10 AM.

  • drive to BLM land camping (about 30 minutes) and find a spot to set up (more on this later).

  • spend the day at Snow Canyon State Park (about 30 minutes).

  • return to camp in the evening.



  • leave camp at 10 AM.

  • get breakfast in Hurricane.

  • drive to Valley of Fire in Nevada (1 hour 40 min) and explore for a couple hours.

  • drive to Bakersfield (about 5 hours) and spend the night here.


  • leave at 8 AM drive back to the Bay (about 4 hours)

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