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Mt. Shasta Tiny House

A magical lil' house for a magical anniversary - in October when the fall foliage is PRIME.

Airbnb Rating: 4.93

My Rating: 10,000 - my favorite Airbnb I've stayed in to date

Airbnb listing here

Quick Facts:

  • Location - Gazelle, CA in Siskiyou County. About 4.5 hours from the Bay and 20 minutes from the town of Mount Shasta.

  • Cost: $60/night. HOW CAN YOU SAY NO TO THAT PRICE.

  • Tiny house on a ranch - property is shared by the hosts who live in a house near the tiny home.

  • HOT TUB, chicken, dogs, cats, views of Mt. Shasta from all around, and hikes on the property.

What we did:

  • Meandered around the property looking at all the different views of Mt. Shasta

  • Had brunch in downtown Mt. Shasta

  • Hiked Castle Lake to Heart Lake - a hike I cannot recommend enough. It was literally STUNNING

  • Visited Upper Mcloud Falls - also stunning, I have no words (except stunning). With the fall foliage all this nature was next level.

  • Visited a random trail we found along a river with a pretty bridge - location unclear.

  • Popped champagne and went in the hot tub and woke up early for sunrise over Mt. Shasta.

If I had to complain about one thing:

I have nothing. This was a highlight of my Airbnb life, a highlight of my year, and perhaps a highlight of my LIFE.

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