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Dome Away From Home

I know that was a lame title, but I couldn't resist

I actually booked this property through hipcamp, but that goes against the bRaNd, and I found you can in fact book this place on Airbnb. So just pretend I did, okay?

This is exactly what it looks like - a lil' dome home on a large ranch in Pescadero, CA, overlooking the ocean. Includes a super cozy king size bed and a fire pit (for a little extra cost).

Airbnb rating: 4.93

My rating: 100000.93

Click here for the Airbnb listing

and here for the Hipcamp listing

Quick Facts:

  • Location - Pescadero, California, halfway between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz

  • Cost: $133/night

  • Month & average temp: Traveled in February, temperatures average around 61 degrees Fahrenheith

  • Other rentals on the property?: Yes - visit the WildTender Ranch & Rescue page on Hipcamp to view other properties

What we did other than take sunset pics:

  • Explore downtown Pescadero, home to the Slow Coast shop and the cutest coffee shop ever, complete with a secret funky room.

  • Hike at Butano State Park

  • Visit Pescadero State Beach

  • Visit the Pie Ranch off Highway 1 (highly recommend)

  • Took a selfie

If I had to complain about one thing it would be:

  1. The property is stunning but you can't really explore beyond your designated glamping area

  2. The taco shop in town was highly recommend by the host & by Yelp. We ordered burrito bowls and they somehow messed mine up and instead of giving me a normal bowl with chicken and no beans, they gave me ONLY CHICKEN AND BEANS. Literally nothing else, not even rice. Sure, it was good chicken and beans, but still. I will never forget, but I'd probably eat there again.

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