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Cabin in the Point Arena Woods

A non-spooky self-made writers retreat

Unlike the horror movie by the same name, this Cabin in the Woods was not* horrifying at all.

*okay, it was a little scary when I first arrived and realized I was VERY alone in the woods, and then again when I had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, but we'll pretend that never happened.

Airbnb Rating: 4.93

My Rating: 5/5 (a mini score for a mini cabin)


Quick Facts:

  • Location: Point Arena, CA. About 3 hours north of the Bay on the coast.

  • An off-the-grid studio cabin - there's a living area, small cooking stove, and a loft bed. I went alone but would probably be a bit tight with more than 2 people.

  • The cabin is set up as a writers cabin - there's a thoughtfully appointed writing table looking out the large windows, a comfy desk chair, a mini-library, and lots of paper and pens.

  • Cost: $93/night*

  • Many pathways through the forest from the cabin


*note - when I visited I only went for two nights, but it has since been updated to require a minimum of 5-7 nights

What I did (other than taking a hot shower in woods)

  • Writing! I went to this cabin a self-made writing retreat (as the listing suggests) to get a big chunk of work done. I was worried that because it was so magical and surrounded by so many great adventures that I wouldn't actually write, but I did - and it was great!

  • Visited the Point Arena-Stornetta Unit, which I hadn't heard of it until that week. It's essentially lots of coastal land managed by the Bureau of Land Management and it looks like Australia/what I imagine Ireland to look like.

  • Drove through the tiny town of Point Arena and soaked in the cuteness.

  • Went to a Cove Coffee, coffee shop right on the beach.

  • Made some stops on Highway 1 on the way back.

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