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Tried to come up with an Ashland pun but failed.

My boyfriend and I (I have a boyfriend) chose to go to Ashland for New Year's Eve this past year based solely on this Airbnb.

Lodge on Emigrant Creek in Ashland, Oregon.

Airbnb rating: 4.81

My rating: Definitely higher than a 4.8! Probably around 40000.78

Click here for the Airbnb listing.

Quick Facts:

  • Location - Ashland, Oregon (in case you didn't get that yet), Southern Oregon, not too far from the CA/OR border.

  • Cost: $89/night (for an ENTIRE house)

  • Month & average temp: December, averages 46 degrees Fahrenheit, snows unpredictably.

  • Lots of room to roam and walk around the property; see the horses; follow the creek; enjoy mama earth.

What we did:

We drove to Ashland, which was surprisingly only about 6 hours with stops. This allowed us to take lots of fun stops on the way there & back, including...

  • Crater Lake on NYE - 1.5 hour scenic drive from Ashland. It is VERY chilly in December but so beautiful. For more info (by me) on Crater Lake, check out this article. We made the mistake of trying to get gas at Crater Lake (where there are no gas stations within 30 miles in the winter), which led to a mild panic that turned out to be a premonition for the year to come.

  • Burney Falls on New Years Day - 2 hours 15 min from Ashland (on the way back to SF). Absolutely STUNNING I aggressively recommend to everyone to go there.

  • Bopped around Ashland - We went to a coffee shop called Noble Coffee that I am obsessed with now. We also hit up a brewery and got brunch and did all that typical weekend trip stuff.

Now please enjoy this brief time lapse of fog over Crater Lake.

If I had to complain about one thing it would be:

  • My only complaints are about the people who had complaints. I have no idea why this place does not have 5 stars - for some reason it gets 4.6 stars for "accuracy"? There's someone venting on the reviews about how "the ice machine doesn't make ice" and the sofa bed is uncomfortable (like every sofa bed ever in existence). Ignore the h8rs, this place is awesome and has such a warm, cozy, family feel to it. If you want crushed ice on your vacation though, I guess this isn't the place for you.

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