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A Nice Old Fashioned Bed & Breakfast in Moss Landing, CA

Airbnb minus the "air"

A little over a week ago, my boyfriend and I set off on quite a journey for our thirtieth birthdays (thank you for the birthday wishes in advance). We kicked it off by celebrating my 30th (three days before my boyfriends) at the cutest BnB ever in Moss Landing.

Airbnb Rating: There's only one review for the exact room I stayed in, but overall the BnB has 5 stars across the board.

My Rating: All of the stars in the Milky Way.


Like many boutique hotels & bed and breakfast's, Captain's Inn at Moss Landing has each room listed individually on Airbnb. View all of the listings on Airbnb here, or book directly through the Captain's Inn website.

Quick Facts:

  • Location - Moss Landing, CA - a census designated place (my favorite kind) in Monterey County 15 miles north of Monterey.

  • Cost - Rooms range from $174 - $244 on their website and go up to $269 on Airbnb. Believe me, this is NOT expensive for what you get at this place. It is a life of luxury.

  • There are ten rooms total, each with a different theme. We stayed in the "Pelican's Beach" room which had a king-size bed atop a custom catamaran bedframe. I hit my ankle on the catamaran part a few times, but it was worth it.

  • There are multiple buildings but I HIGHLY recommend you stay in the Boathouse Building. This building is right on the water facing Elkhorn Slough.

More not-so-quick details:

  • Our room had a huge tub facing the water.

  • There's a little table with binoculars where you can watch SEA OTTERS and lots of birds play in the water.

  • There is a beach less than ten minutes down the road.

  • It is absolutely essential that you eat at Phil's Fish Market. You don't even have to like fish - literally everything on the menu is better than anything else you've ever had. They even had micheladas to GO. It's right on the beach, so you can take your food and fight off the gulls while you eat.

  • The owner of the B&B knew it was my birthday and left me chocolate covered strawberries in the room upon arrival!

  • We got warm breakfast and coffee brought to our room in the morning.

  • We spent the day before arriving in Capitola, which is about 20 minutes north. Cutest beach town with a waterfront cafe and the biggest selection of taffy in the land.

If I had to complain about one thing it would be:

It was so insanely nice and we had such a great time that it was almost...suspicious. Is it possible that some places are just nice and some people are just kind and some vacations are just enjoyable? It's halfway through 2020 and I'm not buying it.

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